The Gibloux Tower Trail

This path through the Gibloux forest takes you to the Tour du Gibloux: adventure of the Universe, the Earth and life is explained to you

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The start of this loop is located at the Camping de la Forêt in Sorens. Follow the road that goes into the forest, then go on the Botanical Forest Trail of Gibloux. When the latter forks to the left, the “Autour du Gibloux” hike continues along the forest edge. After a few meters on the road, take the footpath again up to the road. At the first crossing, turn left and pass the small parking space; at the second crossing, continue straight ahead.

You will join route 81 “Fribourg en diagonale”, which runs along the ridge to reach the Tour du Gibloux, a telecommunications antenna that overlooks the surroundings. Climbing up the stairs of this telephone antenna, you will discover the adventure of the Universe, the Earth and life and once you reach the summit, you will be able to admire a 360° view of the Gruyère summits and the Swiss plateau.

The last part of the path runs down on a footpath that turns into a passable path and then into a paved road on which you walk the last few metres.

Tip: You can enjoy a refreshing stopover at Camping de la Forêt in Sorens.

Accessible by public transport: Yes (according to restricted schedules)
Accessible by car: Yes. A 2nd car park is located on the Avry-devant-Pont side.

Difference in height: + 362m / – 361m

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Gibloux (FR)


8 km km

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2.5 h

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La Tour est ouverte au public d'avril à octobre, selon les conditions météorologiques

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Nearest bus or train stop : Sorens, Camping

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